Party Cake Candles

Party Cake Candles

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    Turn ordinary occasions into extraordinary memories with our vibrant and stylish party candles collection.

    From soy wax to eco-friendly paraffin, our cake candles are made from renewable and biodegradable materials, and are high-quality and long-lasting, with minimal environmental impact.

    Party Wholesale Hub is the largest bulk supplier of Party Candles in India. Our range of candles include the Letters & the Number candles, Sparklers, Spiral/Twisty Candles, Magic & Musical Candles, Character Theme Candles for kids, traditional birthday, and the personalized candles.

    We source our candles directly from the manufacturers/ factory to save on the distributor’s margin, which means you get these candles at the very best wholesale prices guaranteed.

    Whether you're celebrating a birthday, wedding anniversary, bachelorette party, baby arrival, a corporate milestone or any other special occasion, our extensive range of cake candles adds the perfect finishing touch to your cake.

    Set the mood, ignite the joy, and let the celebration glow – shop our exquisite party candle collection today at a bargain price with all-India delivery.

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